An older neurodiverse couple, an Autistic woman and a typical man, walking and holding hands in a parking lot.

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AANE strives to meet you where you are and stays with you along your journey.

Whether you are Autistic or the partner of an Autistic individual, we are here to provide you with information and direct support you need to help your relationship thrive. You’ll find a community of other partners and couples in neurodiverse relationships who understand what your life is like. Whether you are looking for individualized services or a group to connect with, AANE has something for you.

Questions about autism or AANE’s services?

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Services & Programs

AANE has services and programs in individual or group settings to inform, support, and build community. Find opportunities below for you and your family member.

Neurodiverse Couples Institute

Founded in 2016, the Neurodiverse Couples Institute offers training and resources for neurodiverse couples and the therapists and coaches who work with them.

Online courses, Training 101 and Certification 201, are based on the Myhill/Jekel* model for effectively treating neurodiverse couples in therapy. In 2021, a new online course for couples, Couples 101, was developed by the Neurodiverse Couples Institute to help couples recognize and understand what it means to be in a neurodiverse relationship.

Successful completion of the two online courses for couples/partners therapists entitles participants to be certified by AANE and included on a Map of AANE Certified Neurodiverse Couples Therapists so neurodiverse couples in need can find trained therapists.

* Grace Myhill, Director of the Neurodiverse Couples Institute, and Dania Jekel, founder and former Executive Director of AANE, developed and copyrighted the model for treating neurodiverse couples in therapy.

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Topics for Spouses and Partners

Learn more AANE offers a wealth of insightful articles for spouses and partners within the context of neurodiverse relationships. These articles provide guidance, addressing the complexities of communication, emotional dynamics, and mutual support, ultimately fostering greater understanding and resilience in neurodiverse relationships.

Family Relationships

Families with Autistic members often experience heightened ups and downs in their relationships. Having an Autistic family member can bring family members closer together and build patience, empathy, and support for one another.

Daily Living

There is no single way to help your child or family thrive; AANE is here to help you find the path that is right for you.

Disclosure / Self-Advocacy

Disclosure and self-advocacy are valuable tools to navigate the challenges of daily life and receive the support and accommodations needed to thrive.

Government Funding

Autistic individuals in the United States may be eligible for government funding and benefits.

Find information and practical guidance about parenting, mental health, diagnosis, and other topics in our Autism Info & FAQs section.

Events for Spouses / Partners

AANE’s online support groups, workshops, and community connections sessions are opportunities to connect, share common experiences, and learn about valuable resources. Find activities, events, and support groups for spouses and partners that are of interest to you.

A neurodiverse couple, an Autistic man  and a typical woman, are embracing and looking into each other's eyes.

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