Free Programs / Grants

AANE offers free programs as well as grants for families and adults as an additional means to help make services and programs accessible to all.

You are not alone!

Schedule a call to speak with a member of AANE’s staff, or fill out a form to be contacted by email.

Autistic young man is talking on a free call with AANE while sitting outside looking at a laptop.

Free Call for Adults, Parents & Partners

You can reach out to AANE staff for free! We are available to answer your questions & concerns via phone or online by email. Just schedule time for a call or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

Free Programs

Autistic adult discussing his experiences living with Autism to professional coaches.

Connect with AANE through our many free programs and services for Autistic adults, family members, and professionals. From a free introductory call or online contact with AANE staff to answer questions, to online discussion forums, to online Zoom community connection and more AANE invites into our welcoming, supportive community.

Free Programs

With a wide variety of free ways to connect and gain support

Free Call or Contact

You can reach out to AANE staff for FREE! We are available to answer your questions & concerns via phone or email and provide information and resources. Schedule a call or complete our contact form today!

Community Connections

Community Connections for Adults, Parents of Adults, and Parents of Children, Teens and Young Adults are online 60-minute single-session discussion groups and a great way to meet our staff and connect with the community for the first time.

Discussion Forums

AANE offers Online Google Group Discussion Forums for Parents of Adults (post high school); Parents of Children; Parents of Teens (though high school); Partners of Autistic Adults; and Ex-Partners of Autistic Adults, Members of the discussion forum can gain feedback and perspective from peers

Support Groups

AANE offers FREE Online Open, or Single Session, support groups for adults and family member of various ages and identities including Adults, Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Spanish Speaking Parents, Grandparents, and Teens.

Artist Collaborative

The Artist Collaborative is a strong and dedicated member-led group that welcomes artists and creators from all over the US and beyond.


Institute for Accessible Art Education is generously offering free online group music lessons to Autistic adults, eight-session online lessons occur several times per year. AANE has free tickets to attend the Boston Symphony Orchestra about three to four times per year in-person.


Every month, the AANE Outdoor Enthusiasts Club brings together Autistic adults for a variety of in-person events in the Greater Boston and Southeastern, MA areas

Science & Technology

There are two twice monthly virtual science and technology focused Meetup events for the AANE community to take advantage of.


Professional working with an Autistic child to navigate goals and measure the child's progress.

AANE’s Two Annual Grants

The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism and The Daniel Braun Memorial Camp and Recreational Activities Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to the AANE community.


Our grants are open for a limited time and for specific purposes. Learn more.

Flutie Foundation Grant

This grant provides financial assistance for a limited number of families who need a little help paying for services.

The Daniel Braun Scholarship

This scholarship fund provides financial assistance for a limited number of teens and adults age 14+ who need help paying for recreational activities or services.

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