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Are you a parent, caregiver, or family member in need of advice and support, or an Autistic adult looking for guidance or community?

We offer many services and ways to connect. We hope you can find what you are looking for with AANE.

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Coaching for

  • Autistic Adults & Older Teens
  • Parents
  • Neurodiverse Partners

Coaching for Adults & Older Teens – LifeMAP

LifeMAP is a highly individualized life coaching program for Autistic adults and older teens. Coaches use their expertise in Autism to help clients identify their strengths and work toward goals of their choosing such as finding employment, building relationships, or attending college.

Coaching for Parents

Parents and other adult family members should consider parent coaching when they have a complex set of questions or difficult issues to address. Parent coaching is a one-to-one intensive problem solving and skills-building session or series of sessions designed to help parents of Autistic children, teens, or adults identify practical strategies they can use to address their child’s and their family’s unique needs.

Coaching for Neurodiverse Partners

Professionals specifically trained to work with neurodiverse couples offer coaching with individual partners separately or with both partners together, whatever works best. The focus is on problem-solving in the relationship through a neurological lens providing coping strategies for one or both partners and relationship and communication skill-building.

IEP Review

Often, parents and guardians find themselves stressed by the confusing language and the volume of paperwork involved in an IEP. We have the personal and professional expertise to guide you through the process, reduce your stress and concern, and help you feel confident about your child’s IEP.

Group of smiling Autistic men and women participating LifeNet independent living support program.

Independent Living Support – LifeNet

AANE’s LifeNet is a private pay, independent living support program for Autistic adults or adults with similar profiles.

LifeNet offers peace of mind that an Autistic adult will be supported as they navigate adulthood by a devoted team of AANE professionals who understand them.

Additional Programs & Services

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