Coaching for Parents

What is coaching for parents and family members?

Parent coaching offers one-to-one focused problem-solving and skills-building sessions designed to help parents identify practical strategies they can use to address their family’s unique needs at home, school, work, or out in the community. 

Questions about autism or AANE’s services?

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Here are some of the problems we’ve helped parents address through parent coaching:
  • “Autism is new to me and I don’t know where to begin. What does this mean for my child’s future and our future?”
  • “I feel frustrated and confused by my child’s school program or team.”
  • “My son knows he is Autistic but doesn’t accept the diagnosis. How do I get him to ask for help?”
  • “Things are going well but I want help planning for transitions, independence and adulthood.”
  • “Our adult offspring no longer communicates with us. How can I stay connected to him?.”
  • “I’m concerned that my adult son will make mistakes that will have major consequences. How do I keep him out of trouble?”
Through coaching, we help parents:
  • Parent on the same page and improve communication with their child.
  • Target the right benefits, support resources and providers to help their child and their family reach their goals.
  • Identify and try out practical strategies for changing behaviors (both theirs and their child’s).
  • Create a roadmap and prioritize where they need to spend time, money, and energy to achieve their goals.

How Much Does Parent Coaching Cost?

A single one-hour parent coaching session is $125.

Financial Assistance

We recognize that cost can be an obstacle for some families. AANE is very honored to have been awarded grants from the Cummings Foundation and the J.E. and Z.B. Butler Foundation that allow us to support family services by reducing or eliminating fees.

If you need a price reduction on your parent coaching or IEP review appointment, please use one of the following codes:

  • Use the code 25%OFF2024
  • Use the code 50%OFF2024

To apply the discount click on “redeem coupon” at checkout. If you have any questions please email [email protected].

Parent coaching is currently available online. All sessions are one hour in length and available by appointment.  

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Refund Policy

AANE will refund the parent coaching fee in the following circumstances:

  • The AANE Specialist cancels an appointment and cannot offer a new time to reschedule.
  • If a client requests a refund at least 2 business days before the appointment without rescheduling.
  • Click the button below for Parent Coaching for parents and family of Autistic adults who are age 23 and older.
  • Click the button below for Parent Coaching for parents and family of Autistic children and teens/young adults up to age 22.

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