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Curious – am I Autistic?

AANE offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to individuals who are questioning whether they might be Autistic.

Recognizing the importance of self-discovery and understanding, AANE provides a safe and supportive environment where individuals can explore their thoughts, feelings, past experiences, and future hopes. Through a variety of online services, programs and resources, AANE facilitates the process of self-assessment, providing valuable information about autism. AANE’s services empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to better comprehend their neurodivergent identities and make informed decisions about their path forward.

Questions about autism or AANE’s services?

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Services & Programs

AANE has services and programs in individual or group settings to inform, support, and build community. Find opportunities below for you and your family member.

Topics for adults who are curious if they are Autistic

The more you learn about autism, the better the chances of self-understanding and acceptance and of leading your best possible life. Learn more by reading AANE’s curated content on relevant topics.

What is autism?

Autism is a neurotype. Simply put, a neurotype is the kind of brain you have. Neuro- meaning brain, and type- meaning what kind. All neurotypes are valid. No one neurotype or brain is better than another, and about 2% of the US population have an Autistic neurotype.


You do not need a medical diagnosis to join our community. Many people make the decision to seek out a formal, medical diagnosis, while others go through their own exploration of self-diagnosis without official testing with a professional.

Disclosure and Self-Advocacy

Disclosure and self-advocacy are valuable tools to navigate the challenges of daily life and receive the support and accommodations needed to thrive. Disclosure can mean an individual disclosing their autism to others.

Intersectional Identities

Autism can intersect with various identities, such as gender, race, and sexuality. Research has shown that autism is often underdiagnosed in women and girls, as well as individuals from racial and ethnic minority groups, and trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse individuals.

Find information on mental health, diagnosis, and other topics in our Autism Info & FAQs section.

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AANE’s online support groups, workshops, and social groups and activities are opportunities to connect, share common experiences, and learn about valuable resources. Find activities, events, and support groups for teens, adults, parents, and family members that are of interest to you.

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