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Looking for an online community who understands what life is like for you? Join one of AANE’s staff moderated Online Google Group Discussion Forums.  

AANE hosts online discussion forums for:

  • Parents of Autistic Adults (post high school)
  • Parents of Autistic Children
  • Parents of Autistic Teens (through high school)
  • Partners of Autistic Adults
  • Ex-Partners of Autistic Adults

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Recommendations for Members of Discussion Forums

It is recommended that all members of Online Google Group Discussion Forums join with a Gmail email account

If you prefer to remain anonymous as a member of the Online Google Group Discussion Forum:

  • Create a new gmail account before joining the forum.  This will allow you to remain anonymous.  
  • Forward the emails related to the forum to your primary email address inbox.
  • BUT only send emails from the Google Group dashboard to remain anonymous
  • Make sure that when you “reply all” your personal email address is NOT the sender.
  • ONLY use the Google Group Forum name as the “reply all” sender

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Discussion Forums

Sign up for an online discussion forum by clicking the block for the one you want to join.

Parents of Adults (post high school)

Find support and suggestions from an active community of parents of Autistic adults on this forum. Discussion topics often include employment, living independently, and connecting socially.

Parents of Children

Join an active community of hundreds of parents across the U.S. in discussions about issues and concerns faced by many parents of Autistic children including dealing with schools, finding service providers, and supporting your child's socialization.

Parents of Teens (through high school)

It’s helpful to have a community of other parents who are also parenting Autistic teens. Find support and suggestions from an active network of parents of teenagers on this forum.

Partners of Autistic Adults

This group, serving people from all over the world, is for individuals married to or in partnership with an Autistic individual. You will have the opportunity to offer and receive support, and share experiences with others who can relate.

Ex-Partners of Autistic Adults

This group serves those who are divorced or separated from an Autistic adult. Here you will have the opportunity to share experiences and listen to others who may be in similar situations.

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