LifeMAP Coaching for Adults & Teens

How can LifeMAP help you?

LifeMAP coaches help their clients create practical, individualized plans to improve their quality of life. Coaching offers practical assistance by focusing on skill development and setting measurable goals. 

LifeMAP is staffed by highly trained professionals with expertise in working with Autistic adults and older teens. Coaches help clients use their strengths to identify and overcome the particular barriers they face. The ultimate goal of LifeMAP is for clients to improve their quality of life, increase their independence, and progress toward reaching their full potential.

For over 15 years LifeMAP has helped thousands of clients reach their personal goals in the areas of independent living, pre-employment, employment, college/education, recreation, relationships, community access, self-realization and personal-growth.  Clients improve their executive function, social relationships, communication and self-care skills. Their anxiety decreases and confidence increases during coaching.

LifeMAP coaching is available virtually to those living anywhere and in-person in Massachusetts and other select locations in the United States.

If you want in-person coaching outside of Massachusetts, please reach out to LifeMAP staff to inquire about a coach in your area or see AANE trained coaches in your area on our coach map.

Contact LifeMAP

Schedule a call to speak with a member of AANE’s LifeMAP staff, or fill out a form to be contacted by email.

“I was stuck for years, drifting and unable to find a job. WorkMAP changed my life, helping me find a job I loved that’s not only a job, but a career. I see a promising future for myself now.”

— LifeMAP client, age 25


LifeMAP Coaching is a fee-based service.

  • Initial Entry Meeting: $325 (includes a comprehensive interview of up to 2 hours and any necessary follow-up communications.)
  • Fee per hour of coaching: $130

Scholarship or financial aid may be available on a very limited basis. Funding may also be available through referral from state agencies such as the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC). Please contact your service coordinator within the agency to discuss this option or request a referral.

Schedule a Call

LifeMAP Virtual Info Sessions and Free Info Calls

LifeMAP info sessions provide an overview of the LifeMAP coaching program, coaching process, and steps to apply, and time to ask staff questions. Registration is required and space is limited. If you would like to schedule your free info call right away instead, contact us today to schedule your private session.

“This resource is lifesaving. I have been looking for this kind of support for over a decade. It was an indescribable relief to FINALLY get the kind of help I needed after not being able to find it for so long. I was able to find a job that actually fits me and is sustainable for the first time in my life”

— LifeMAP client

LifeMAP Has the Right Program for You

LifeMAP Programs

With such diversity in the autism community and variety of individual needs, finding the perfect coaching support can be difficult. This is why AANE has created a number of targeted LifeMAP coaching programs, designed to match you and your goals.

Don’t see your goal listed – don’t worry! LifeMAP coaches also work with clients to reach any goal the client chooses!

LifeMAP Foundation

Through one-on-one support sessions, coaches help their clients perform executive functioning tasks such as planning, accessing social opportunities, and acquiring skills necessary for employment.


CollegeMAP focuses on helping students manage their workload, communicate with college personnel, and identify campus supports and resources.

LifeMAP for Teens

Coaches and clients, working in collaboration with parents, identify the specific hurdles unique to each teenage client. Together they create opportunities for personal growth and lay the foundations for a successful transition to adulthood.


The focus of WorkMAP is to help the individual increase their self-awareness, set up a job-search routine, network, identify a good fit employment situation, obtain the job, and then succeed in that work environment.

LifeMAP for Over 50

LifeMAP for Over 50 is a pilot program that provides individualized coaching. This offers assistance with planning and accessing public benefits, preparing for retirement, developing structure to stay active and socially connected, managing anxiety, and improving quality of life.


AANE has designed a 10-session intensive interview preparation and rehearsal employment program. The curriculum for the program includes, networking, phone interviews, appropriate dress, nonverbal communication and responding to questions.

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