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Parent or Family Member

AANE strives to meet you where you are and stays with you each step along your journey.

Welcome parents, grandparents, and other relatives and caregivers to AANE – we look forward to getting to know you and your family! The family journey can include unique pathways – but you don’t have to travel alone. AANE can help you find the information and connections you need. We know what it’s like to be a part of a neurodiverse family and how autism can influence parenting, family dynamics, and interpersonal relationships. Talking with thousands of people each year, we often hear, “You’re the first person who understands!”

Questions about autism or AANE’s services?

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Services & Programs

AANE has services and programs in individual or group settings to inform, support, and build community. Find opportunities below for you and your family member.

Topics for Parents and Family Members

The more you learn about autism, the better the chances of creating a family in which all members can work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support, leading to the best possible outcome for the Autistic family member. Learn more by reading AANE’s curated content on relevant family topics.

Family Relationships

It’s helpful if all family members in the Autisic individual's life gain an understanding of neurodivergence.

Parenting Teens / Adults

Many parents feel overwhelmed and unsure about what to focus on as their children move through adolescence.

Daily Living

There is no single way to help your child or family thrive; AANE is here to help you find the path that is right for you.


The needs and accommodations of Autistic students must be prioritized in order to provide an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Disclosure / Self-Advocacy

Disclosure and self-advocacy are valuable tools to navigate the challenges of daily life and receive the support and accommodations needed to thrive.

Government Funding

Autistic individuals in the United States may be eligible for government funding and benefits.

Find information and practical guidance about parenting, mental health, diagnosis, and other topics in our Autism Info & FAQs section.

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Events for Parents and Family Members

AANE’s online support groups, workshops, and community connections sessions are opportunities to connect, share common experiences, and learn about valuable resources. Find activities, events, and support groups for parents and family members that are of interest to you.

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