Artist Collaborative

What is the Artist Collaborative?

The Artist Collaborative (founded in 2007) is a strong and dedicated member-led group that welcomes artists and creators from all over the US and beyond.

Some members prefer to make art for relaxation or just “for art’s sake” while others are keen to explore opportunities for entering competitions and exhibiting their creations in professional venues.

For more information, go to the Artist Collaborative website, To apply for membership to the Artist Collaborative, email: [email protected].

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Our Success

Many members compete regularly in juried shows and professional level art galleries and museums. Several members have received prestigious awards, or have had their stories and work featured in books, news articles and documentaries. A few have been thrilled to learn that their work is being sought out by collectors.

View our work

Our members create in every medium imaginable, and many use more than one medium.

Visitors to our website or to AANE’s Main Office Gallery in Watertown, MA are amazed to see a wide array of painting styles and subjects, photography, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and other crafts, music, video, writing and more.

Most artwork or items are for sale. Prints, note cards, and gift items are available for purchase in the “Boutique” areas. The artists receive 100% of the proceeds from sales.

How to join

Interested in joining the Artist Collaborative? Applicants must be over age 18 and identify as Autistic or Neurodivergent.

We currently meet twice a month (in-person and via Zoom) to:

  • plan shows and events
  • make art, socialize, learn
  • share our artistic creations and journeys with our fellow artists

For more information, see our website. To apply for membership, email: [email protected].  

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