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Our staff bring their deep autism expertise to our programs and services. Their lived experience and extensive professional work with Autistic individuals make AANE’s offerings uniquely practical and authentic.


Brenda Dater, MSW, MPH

Executive Director

Janet Barbieri, MSW, LICSW

Director of Programs

Michelle Major, MBA

Director of Finance

Janeka Melanson, MBA

Director of Human Resources & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Annalisa Barrett

Operations Manager

Whitney Miller

Administrative Coordinator

Jenny Fann

Staff Accountant

Carla Brigham, JD

Volunteer Coordinator

Theresa Olmsted

Staff Accountant

Individual and Family Services

Ilia Walsh, M.S.Ed, MBA

Director of Individual & Family Services

Maggie Bowlby

Assistant Director of Individual & Family Services

Nancy Parker, MSW, LICSW

Senior Manager of Individual & Family Services

Nancy Schwartz, MSW

Senior Manager of Individual & Family Services and MRC/Employment Project Coordinator

Kelly Urban, MA, LMHC

Senior Manager of Individual & Family Services

Grace Myhill, MSW

Director of the Neurodiverse Couples Institute and Couples and Partner’s Services

Stephanie Loo, M.Ed.

Senior Family Support Specialist

Aaron Levinger

Administrative Coordinator for Individual & Family Services

Amanda Bailey

Family Support Specialist

Olive Gallop

Adult Services Facilitation Specialist

Allyson Linehan

Consultation & Coaching Specialist

Ryan Walsh

Support Specialist

Jay Eveson-Egler

Senior Manager of Individual & Family Services

Mina Fonze

Administrative Coordinator and Facilitation Specialist

Livia Cheung, MA

Volunteer Family Support Coordinator

Jodi Daniels

Volunteer Family Support Coordinator

Moira McKenna

Volunteer Family Support Coordinator

Jed Thompson

Volunteer Family Support Coordinator

Ellie Friedland

Volunteer Family Support Coordinator


Erica Rémi

Director of Development

Jim Murray

Associate Director of Development

Abigail Holstein

Associate Director of Development

Alex Burke

Development Coordinator

Allison Knowles

Grant Writer

Dana Troy

Development Operations Specialist

LifeMAP Coaching

Nataliya Poto, MA

LifeMAP & Autism Professional Coaching Association Program Director

Cynthia DeFerrari

LifeMAP Coordinator

Jennifer Green, MSW

Clinical Process Manager

Jean Sandler, MSW

Senior Clinical Supervisor

Nicholas Haslam

LifeMAP Program Manager

Jessica Cohen, JD

Associate Director of LifeMAP

Dawn Stahlberg, M.Ed

LifeMAP Coach & Client Recruitment & Support

Aaron Lubogo, OTD

LifeMAP Multi-Regional Systems Manager

Sarah Perkins, M.S., J.D.

Entry Meeting Clinician

Nicole Kloss, OTD, OTR/L

Coach Supervisor

Jennifer Forehand

LifeMAP Business Manager

Rachel Ward-Sullivan

Coach Support and Utilization Specialist

LifeNet Living Support

Melissa Regan, MS, OTR/L

LifeNet Program Director

Megan Winderbaum, LICSW

LifeNet Clinical Director

Catie Ryan, MS, OTR/L

Associate Director of Clinical and Program Development, Clinical Case Manager/Personal Advocate

Sam Bromfield, LICSW

LifeNet Clinical Supervisor

Betsy DeLorenzo

LifeNet Support Partner

Prafulla Patil, MS, OTR/L

LifeNet Clinical Case Manager/ Personal Advocate

Brendan Stock

LifeNet Support Partner

Bob Waters

LifeNet Client Support/Admin Coordinator

Yezmin Alamanza, LMHC

LifeNet Clinical Case Manager/ Personal Advocate

 Julie L’Heureux

LifeNet Support Partner

Allie Everest

LifeNet Support Partner

Marketing and Communications

Cathy Aikman, MBA

Director of Marketing and Communications

Sonia Janks

Associate Director of Communications

Samantha Halliday Diez

Associate Director of Marketing

Stephanie Birkdale

Program Manager

Christine Odom

Digital Marketing Manager

Training and Education

Becca Lory Hector

Director of Training

Molly Gammon

Training Coordinator

For a list of our Group and Activity Facilitators, please click here.

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