CERTIFICATION 201: Case Presentations & Advanced Topics in Neurodiverse Couples Therapy

Advanced training in working with neurodiverse couples in therapy.

The Neurodiverse Couples Institute offers online courses for couples/partners and therapists/coaches who work with Neurodiverse couples/partners together or individually.

Therapists or coaches who work with partners together or separately can expand both their skillset and learnings from Training 101, with Certification 201.

Successful completion of the two online courses for couples/partners therapists entitles participants to be certified by AANE and included on a Map of AANE Trained Neurodiverse Couples Therapists to help neurodiverse couples find trained therapists.

* Prerequisite: Training 101

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Benefits of Certification 201:

  • enhance your skills in working with partners in neurodiverse relationships
  • discuss current neurodiverse clients expert clinicians
  • expand your practice by becoming an AANE Certified Neurodiverse Couples Therapist/Coach
  • appear on a map of certified therapists and coaches on AANE’s website

CERTIFICATION 201 includes:

Advanced lecture topics about neurodiverse relationships such as how to explain neurodiversity to individuals or a couple, dealing with meltdowns, apologizing, perspective-taking, and discussing physical intimacy.

Q & A with a neurodiverse couple provides an opportunity to ask questions and understand the complexities of living in a neurodiverse relationship.

Q & A with a therapist who works with neurodiverse couples gives you a chance to ask other professionals how they accommodate their practice and adjust their approach when working with one or both partners in a neurodiverse relationship.

Case Presentations by each participant about their neurodiverse clients is an opportunity to receive consultation from Grace and fellow clinicians about how to approach specific situations and what tools and techniques may help your clients.

Passing the course includes submitting an audio recording of a session showing competency in treating a neurodiverse couple.

Listing on AANE website as an AANE Certified Neurodiverse Couples Therapist lets one or both partners in a neurodiverse relationship easily find your practice. Successful completion of this course gives you the opportunity to be recommended on AANE’s website.

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Training 101

Note on language use: This course was developed at the time AANE used the terms “Asperger/Autism Profile to describe the community we serve. Language use around autism has evolved and the organization now identifies those in the “autism” community as our constituents. We want to recognize people’s freedom to choose the language they use to identify or describe themselves.

CERTIFICATION 201: Course Description and Learning Objectives

CERTIFICATION 201: Course Instructor Bios

TRAINING 101: Continuing Education Credits

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