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This map represents the therapists and coaches who have successfully completed Neurodiverse Couples Institute courses Training 101 and Certification 201 for therapists or coaches to learn to work effectively with Neurodiverse couples and partners together or individually.

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Therapists provide services for partners together or separately for those who are located in the state where their orange map pin is only.

Coaches provide services for partners together or separately nationwide or worldwide. They reside in the state where their green map pin is.

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Coaching with AANE’s Neurodiverse Couples Coach

Neurodiverse couples coaching sessions offer couples individualized sessions together or with one or both partners separately, whatever works best. The focus is on problem-solving in the relationship through a neurological lens, coping strategies for one or both partners and relational and communication skill-building. The coach will also offer support, tools, and other resources.

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Support Groups for Neurodiverse Couples & Partners

Groups offer the opportunity to connect and interact with other neurodiverse couples with shared experiences and issues. Meet together in a couples group or in groups for each partner separately. Both partners begin to see commonalities amongst their group members which helps with understanding themselves, their partners, and the unique challenges that neurodiverse couples face. They share resources and strategies and can help each partner know that they are not alone.

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Autism Diagnosis

A formal diagnosis can be validating for each member of a neurodiverse couple. For the Autistic partner who may have felt like they never fit in, it can bring a sense of relief to understand that their differences are neurologically based. For the neurotypical partner, it can explain why communication is difficult in their relationship, why they do not feel an intimate connection with their partner, and why they feel so alone. Not only can a diagnosis validate each partner’s experiences, it can help increase understanding and compassion for each partner and can lead to helpful resources and referrals.

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