Neurodiversity Experts Talk: Interview with Grace Myhill

Nathalie Tandiwe, with Grace Myhill

Grace Myhill, MSW is the director of couples and partner’s services at AANE and leads AANE’s Neurodiverse Couples Institute. She specializes in working with neurodiverse couples who encounter difficult or unfulfilling relationship dynamics with their partners or spouses. Grace is also in private practice and works with individuals, couples, groups with other neurotypical partners or couples, and in intensive workshops with other couples.

“Neurodiverty Experts Talk” Interview with Grace Myhill

(Program begins around the 2:10 time mark.)

Listen to a radio interview with Grace Myhill, MSW on the show “Neurodiversity Experts Talk,” conducted by Nathalie Tandiwe on WBAI 99.5 FM. The interview discusses the following points:

  • AANE’s Neurology Matters in Couples Therapy programming was created for therapists to learn to work effectively with neurodiverse couples — couples in which one or both partners have an Asperger/autism profile.
  • Neurodiverse couples often present with issues that look just like typical couples issues, but the root cause is not the same; it is a neurological difference so it may need a different approach to improve the situation.
  • Therapists without training may misunderstand individuals on the spectrum and their neurotypical partners, they may make false assumptions about the effort each are making, and they miss the opportunity to help both partners develop the concrete skills they need to improve their relationship, such as how to communicate and connect and reconnect with meaningful apologies when feelings are hurt.

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