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AANE maintains this listing of current research for the community’s information and possible participation.

Please note: These research studies are external and are not run by nor affiliated with AANE.

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Guidelines for Research Study Submission

  • Studies conducted in the United States should be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • Studies conducted outside of the United States should be reviewed and approved by a comparable independent organization.
  • Studies will be posted on this page within 5 to 7 business days after the form is submitted if the study is consistent with AANE’s mission and values.
  • Research studies will be removed from this page approximately one year after being posted unless a different timeframe is specified.

Researchers are invited to submit or make updates to a previously submitted study by using the button below.

  • Differential Diagnosis: Autism, Attachment Disorders, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (DDAACE)

    We are looking for professionals involved in the assessment and/or diagnosis of autism or attachment disorders or complex post-traumatic stress disorder or emotionally unstable personality disorder to take part in an online survey. Our co-produced research aims to: -Understand methods of assessment, diagnosis, and differential diagnosis for these conditions in young people and adults, -Limit […]

  • Predictors Of Stress For Parental Caregivers Of Adults (Ages 18-26) With Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Needs, Coping, and Life Changes

    I am seeking parental caregivers of emerging adults (ages 18-26) with autism or intellectual disabilities to respond to a confidential online survey in English. The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and will provide important research information. The responses will be used for two research studies (one for a dissertation and a second to […]

  • Disability & Diversity in Clinical Trials

    Disability Solutions is thrilled to be leading the work on a groundbreaking project, Disability Diversity in Clinical Trials (DDiCT). DDiCT is the first of its kind — a project seeking to understand the experience of people with disabilities participating in clinical trials. In the current phase of this project, Disability Solutions has created a survey […]

  • Effects of Identity on Masking Behavior

    Are you an autistic adult? If so, how often do you hide your autistic traits? If you are a formally diagnosed or self-diagnosed autistic adult living in the United States, you may be able to take part in this research study about masking, identity, and their effects on the well-being of autistic adults. Participants can […]

  • Designing Collaborative Job-Seeking Experience for People in Neurodivergent Spectrum – Formative Study

    There exist many job-searching tools allowing us to look for jobs online, get training, and apply for them. However, all these technologies do not support the needs of underserved job seekers, such as people in the neurodivergent spectrum (ND). We aim to see the collaborative aspects of NDs’ job-seeking process that connects NDs, their surroundings […]

  • Participants being sought for a research study on grassroots organizing among people who are both autistic and transgender and/or non-binary

    My name is Noah Adams. I am conducting my doctoral research on mutual aid and grassroots organizing among individuals who are, like myself, both transgender and/or non-binary and autistic. If you are involved in organizing or facilitating a group like this I would like to ask you about your experiences. The interview would take place […]

  • Masking of Autism Characteristics

    Looking for Mothers of Autistic Girls and Daughters to help us understand camouflaging in high school. Daughter must be enrolled in a Public High School and in inclusion for at least 80% of the school day! We are seeking the perspectives of both you and your daughter on how and why Autism Characteristics are masked […]

  • Influence of Culture on Childrearing for Hispanic Fathers of Children with Autism

    The purpose of this qualitative research study is to explore the impact of culture on the child rearing practice of Hispanic fathers with a child with Autism. As a participant in this study, your collaboration will contribute to the literature of Hispanic fathers of children with autism by exploring their experiences of stress and coping. […]

  • A Behavioral Intervention Program for Families of Autistic Adults

    Caregivers of autistic adults report having limited access to resources that aid in supporting their child and helping them lead more independent lives. These concerns are exacerbated when considering the prevalence of challenging behaviors that can interfere autistic adults’ quality of life. There is a need for interventions designed to teach caregivers strategies that address […]

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