What is Neurodiversity?

Becca Lory Hector, CAS, BCCS

Becca Lory Hector, CAS, BCCS

About the Author

Becca Lory Hector is the director of training at AANE and an openly Autistic professional on a mission to close the disability gap in leadership by working with companies to attract and retain disabled talent via their DEIB initiatives. She is an autism and neurodiversity advocate, researcher, consultant, speaker, and author, and focused on Autistic quality of life research. She is also an animal lover with a special affinity for cats who spends most of her “free” time with her many animals and her husband Antonio.

Neurodiversity: What is it? What do we mean when we say Inclusion? Is autism a condition or a culture? Answers to these questions and many more will be covered in this exploration of neurodiversity and inclusion in the context of our current cultural and societal landscape. Gain a greater understanding of neurodiversity, how to make inclusion a priority in your life, and a substantial appreciation for neurodiversity as a movement, and its intrinsic role in the autistic culture.

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Language Disclaimer: Over the decades, many different terms have been used to discuss autism. AANE is shifting to identity-first language and the term “Autistic” to describe our community, but we continue to respect each individual’s choice of language to describe their own neurotype. Even though this presentation was made before our language shift, we have decided to continue to share it for its valuable information and insight. Learn more about our language and history.

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