Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Autism


Eva Mendes, LMHC, NCC
Meredith Maroney, PhD, LP
Kendrick Cronin, MA

Individuals who are Autistic and diverse in sexual orientation and/or gender identity (LGBTQ+ identified) have unique experiences and challenges but are often misunderstood. In this webinar, based on their new book, Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Autism, Eva Mendes and Meredith Maroney will share personal experiences and discuss emerging research on the intersection of autism and LGBTQ+ identities. At the end of the presentation, Kendrick Cronin, an Autistic transgender man will share his first-person perspective.

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Language Disclaimer: Over the decades, many different terms have been used to discuss autism. AANE is shifting to identity-first language and the term “Autistic” to describe our community, but we continue to respect each individual’s choice of language to describe their own neurotype. Even though this presentation was made before our language shift, we have decided to continue to share it for its valuable information and insight. Learn more about our language and history.

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