Treatment Considerations When Substance Misuse is a Concern for Autistic Individuals

By: Dr. Kathy Pruzan, PsyD, Professional
About the Presenter

Dr. Kathy Pruzan, PsyD, Director of Evaluation Services at the Center for Motivation & Change (CMC). The CMC is a group practice of dedicated clinicians and researchers who rely on science and kindness to help people change. CMC employs respectful, flexible, evidence-based approaches to address substance use and compulsive behavior problems as well as other mental health issues, including trauma.

Drugs, alcohol, and other substances affect people in different ways. Some substances may temporarily reduce depression, increase self-confidence, or dull emotional pain. There are reasons or triggers that cause people to misuse and abuse substances.

This webinar discusses the similarities and differences between the things that trigger substance misuse by Autistic individuals and the general population. It also outlines the types of treatment approaches and intervention techniques that family and friends can use that work best to reinforce appropriate substance use among Autistic individuals.

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Language Disclaimer: Over the decades, many different terms have been used to discuss autism. AANE is shifting to identity-first language and the term “Autistic” to describe our community, but we continue to respect each individual’s choice of language to describe their own neurotype. Even though this presentation was made before our language shift, we have decided to continue to share it for its valuable information and insight. Learn more about our language and history.

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