Back To School: Are You and Your Autistic Student Ready?

Jenna O'Donnell

Jenna O’Donnell

About the Author

 Jenna O’Donnell, is an Autistic adult, parent of an Autistic son, and a special education advocate. Jenna is a graduate of the Mass Families Leadership Series and completed advocacy training with both Wrightslaw and Parent Consultant Training Institute of the FCSN.

In June, you and your child managed to transition from the structured routine of school to the jumble of childcare arrangements, and educational and recreational programs that can make summer so challenging. Now, it’s August and you have to transition back, but back to what? A new school perhaps? New teachers? New classmates? New friends? New bus routes? Transitions can be scary. This 90 minute webinar is intended to reduce the anxiety parents and their children feel about returning to school in the fall.

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Language Disclaimer: Over the decades, many different terms have been used to discuss autism. AANE is shifting to identity-first language and the term “Autistic” to describe our community, but we continue to respect each individual’s choice of language to describe their own neurotype. Even though this presentation was made before our language shift, we have decided to continue to share it for its valuable information and insight. Learn more about our language and history.

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