The Learning, Expectation and Perception (LEAP) MRI Study

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Research Study Description

For 18-50 year old adults

This study is designed to investigate the perception of speech sounds and faces. We hope that this research will further our understanding of perceptual differences in individuals with disorders such as autism and that this understanding will one day improve our ability to diagnose and treat these disorders.

What is my commitment?
Total participation in this study will consist of a 3-hour visit to MIT:
– a brain imaging session that will last approximately ~2 hours.
– a behavioral session where you will complete a series of surveys and computer tasks (~1 hour).

You will be paid for participating in all portions of our study at a rate of $30 per hour for the brain imaging session, and $20 per hour for the behavioral session. You can be paid by either Amazon gift cards- which are emailed to you after the visit, or by check- which is sent in the mail and usually takes about a month to receive.

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