Exploring Disability Representation in Generative AI

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Hi! We are students at Wellesley College, currently on a team of researchers at Wellesley College and New York University, exploring disability representation in generative AI tools, such as chatbots. We are conducting interviews and collecting conversations between participants and chatbots to understand how people with disabilities use chatbots and similar tools.

We are looking for participants for this research who (1) identify as having a disability and (2) have some experience using generative AI tools, including but not limited to Siri, Alexa, ChatGPT, Bard, and more.

Study commitment and compensation: We will first conduct an hour long interview with participants. Then, we will give participants an activity diary. Participants will interact with a chatbot and reflect in the diary for two weeks to a month. Participants will be compensated $500 upon completion of the diary portion of the study. In the coming months, we plan to conduct further research, and participants are welcome to stay in the study to participate in future interviews for compensation.

This research is of minimal risk. Only the research team will have access to any of the data collected. Aggregate and anonymized information may be shared with research collaborators outside of Wellesley College and used in publications and reports.

If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact our Principal Investigator, Dr. Vinitha Gadiraju, either by email ([email protected]) or phone call/text (503-467-1599). Thank you!

Dr. Vinitha Gadiraju (Wellesley College), Dr. Alicia Boyd (New York University), Sneha Sriram (Wellesley College), Wenhan Xue (Wellesley College)

Name of Organization:
Gadiraju Lab at Wellesley College

For questions, please email::
[email protected]

Study Link: 

Here is a link to our flyer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X3X3kQ4C62OCRG6OZtnZkTEGEzuPfqUQ/view?usp=sharing