Autistic Educators Needed – Participatory Study on Autistic Burnout + Educator Burnout

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Research Study Description

The purpose of this study is to explore Autistic educator experiences with educator and Autistic burnout in order to co-create a set of recommendations that will enhance facilitators and mitigate barriers to double burnout. This is a participatory and collaborative study with autistic and neurodivergent scholars and researchers from the US, Canada and UK. There is heavy emphasis on equal power sharing, shared decision making, and the promotion of lived experience. Below is the eligibility for participation:

Eligibility for Participation:

– Self-diagnosed or medical identification of Autism
– Current or former (working within the last 5 years) certified or classified educator in K-12 settings in the United States.
– Current or former teacher candidates/pre-service teachers (in last 5 years)
– Live in the United States and have taught in the United States.

We welcome all participants, especially those with historically marginalized identities.

If interested, please complete the intake survey linked here:

There will be online interviews (lasting about 1 hour) and some short surveys (15-20 minutes) designed to gather input and perspectives on autistic burnout, educator burnout, and autistic mental health. All participants will be compensated for their time and effort. To increase accessibility and inclusion, these tasks will occur via Zoom and Qualtrics with materials housed on a secure site through the University of Oregon. In any sort of report we may publish, we will not include any personally identifying information, unless otherwise requested.

If you have any questions, please feel free email or contact the Primary Investigator, Alex Newson (she/her/hers) at [email protected].

Organization:  University of Oregon

Contact:  Primary Investigator, Alex Newson (she/her/hers) at [email protected]

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