AANE April 2024 Newsletter  Autism Acceptance Month: Celebrating Our Community

AANE April 2024 Newsletter  
Autism Acceptance Month: Celebrating Our Community

Autistic thinking brings a vibrant, dynamic perspective to the world, which should be honored and valued. In recognition of Autism Acceptance Month, we are exploring the Autistic traits our community celebrates year round and providing information to share to create a more inclusive environment.

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Where You Give in April Matters

Support an autism organization that is, in the words of one community member, “without hyperbole, life changing.” Give to AANE today.

AANE Events

See what’s happening this month and beyond on the AANE Events Page.

Celebrating Progress Towards Autism Acceptance

While we continue to strive for full Autistic understanding, acceptance, inclusion, and empowerment, the progress made over the last several decades has been significant. Executive Director Brenda Dater looks back at her Autistic daughter’s experience and celebrates the personal and societal triumphs.
Watch Brenda’s Message
Check out these helpful AANE resources!
Autistic Voices on AANE
What Makes AANE Different 
A Different Way to View the World
What makes AANE unique? And why does it matter? Watch the video to hear the answer from three of our Autistic staff members.
Watch “What Makes AANE Different”
What Our Community Celebrates

Every Autistic person has a unique constellation of attributes and talents. We asked our AANE community what they celebrated about themselves and the Autistic people they know, and here’s what they had to say.

Autistic Creative Expression 
The Artist Collaborative and AANE’s Writers’ Group members are Neurodivergent creators. Take a look back at some of their incredible work for Autistic Voices on Creativity.

Coming Up…

Click here for the current listing of events, support groups, and social activities for Autistic adults.
Here are some helpful links for adults in our community:
Autism Information to Share

No matter where you are on your journey understanding autism, there are always opportunities to learn more or to share information with others. Take a look at AANE articles that address common questions and pass them along!


Coming Up…

Learn more about upcoming events and support groups for parents and families.
Don’t miss these services AANE provides for parents and families:
Furthering Progress

The more understanding about autism grows in our society, the more opportunities we have to create positive change. Learn more about AANE’s Training and Education programs for a wide variety of organizations, and read strategies to make all of our environments more inclusive.

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AANE’s Intensive Autism Coach Training (IACT) is accepting applications for in-person training this fall at our Watertown, MA office. Life coaches, high school & college counselors, social workers, and similar human service professionals will learn and practice coaching methods proven effective in helping Autistic or similarly Neurodivgent teens and adults reach their personal goals. Enrollment is limited to 15 participants and filling fast. Secure your spot today!
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Learn more about AANE programs, support, and training for professionals.
AANE Programs


Individualized life coaching program for Autistic older teens & adults
Autistic individuals have their own unique strengths and aspirations. LifeMAP coaching provides individualized strategies that are tailored to meet the client’s goals. Learn more about LifeMAP.


Team-based support to help Massachusetts Autistic adults optimize independence
LifeNet helps adults make connections, meet needs, and pursue priorities so they can live the life they want – on their own terms. Learn more about LifeNet.

Neurodiverse Couples Institute

Resources for couples and couples therapists/coaches
Whether experienced or newly learning about autism, AANE’s Training 101 and Certification 201 gives therapists the tools to help partners navigate their neurological differences in their relationship. Learn more about AANE courses.
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