Courses for Professionals

Deepen your professional skills with AANE training.

AANE’s programs can help strengthen your work with Autistic clients. We offer online courses for therapists and coaches to learn to work effectively with couples and partners in neurodiverse relationships. Couples therapists can take:

Once per year, we also hold an intensive, in-person course to train professionals to coach Autistic older teens and adults:

Completion of the courses allows participants to be listed on maps on our website to help therapists and coaches market their practices.

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Courses for Couples Therapists & Coaches

About the Neurodiverse Couples Institute

Training 101 for Couples/Partners Therapists

TRAINING 101: Fundamentals of Working with Neurodiverse Couples in Therapy teaches therapists how to recognize, understand, and effectively treat neurodiverse couples in therapy. This is a 10 hour self-paced online training.

Developed by Grace Myhill, MSW, the course includes in depth lectures from Grace and other experts in the field, including insights and observations from a panel of therapists who work with neurodiverse couples. In addition to hearing from professionals, you will get an intimate peek into the lives of 10 neurodiverse couples as they share their experiences and the complexities of being in a neurodiverse relationship.

Certification 201 for Couples/Partners Therapists

CERTIFICATION 201: Case Presentations and Advanced Topics in Neurodiverse Couples Therapy is for those who want to hone their skills and knowledge about working with neurodiverse couples in therapy. Classes will meet 8 times for 90 minutes by video conference.

With a small group of 5 – 8 fellow clinicians, participants will hear short lectures by Grace Myhill, MSW on topics such as telling a couple they are neurodiverse, dealing with dysregulation, and discussing physical intimacy. Participants will also present and discuss their own clients, as well as have a Q & A session with a neurodiverse couple and with a specialist in the field of neurodiverse couples therapy.

Intensive Autism Coach Training (IACT)

Intensive Autism Coach Training (IACT) is a 4 day in-person certificate program, followed by 2 years of clinical support, for human service professionals and/or life coaches interested in gaining expertise in working with older Autistic teens and adults.  Participants learn and practice the coaching approaches developed over AANE’s LifeMAP program’s 15-plus years of experience and more than 2600 clients.

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