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Whether you are an Autistic adult or teen, a parent or family member, or a professional who works with the autism community, AANE has services, programs, and training for you in individual or group settings to provide information and build community.

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One-to-One Services

For Adults, Teens, Parents & Partners

Autistic young man working with a professional in an office on support services.
Individualized services are a click away!

AANE offers a wide variety of personalized assistance. You can find life coaches trained to work with Neurodivergent teens and adults or consult with an expert on an IEP, college matters, or Massachusetts housing options, and more.

Coaching for Adults & Teens

LifeMAP is highly individualized life coaching program for Autistic adults and older teens to help clients identify strengths and work toward goals.

Coaching for Parents

Parent and family coaching is available for complex questions and issues.

Coaching for Neurodiverse Partners

Neurodiverse couples can work with specially trained coaches in individual or group seetings to focus on problem solving through a neurodiverse lens.

IEP Review

AANE staff can review documents and guide parents and caregivers through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process.

Independent Living Support for Adults

AANE’s LifeNet is a private pay, team-based support program for Autistic adults or adults with similar profiles to help Autistic adults optimize independence.

Group Services

For Adults, Teens, Parents & Partners

Autistic adult discussing his challenges and experiences in front of professionals in a supportive setting.

Find your community at AANE!

AANE offers many ways to find community including online discussion forums, support groups and social groups, group coaching.

Discussion Forums

Free online Google Groups moderated by AANE staff for parents, partners and ex-partners. Click to join a community today.

Support Groups & Community Connections

AANE's online support groups are an opportunity for adults, teens, parents and partners to connect, share common experiences and learn about valuable resources. Financial aid is easily available at the time of registration.

Social Groups & Activites

AANE offers social activities and events to give Autistic adults and teens the opportunity to connect in a welcoming environment, have fun, pursue special interests, and build relationships. The Artist Collaborative is a dedicated, member-led group that welcomes artists and crators from all of the US and beyond.

Group Coaching

These groups are for couples where one or both individuals in the relationship is Neurodivergent. Neurodiverse couples have the chance to speak with other neurodiverse couples about how their neurodiversity affects their relationship.

Training & Education

Training for Adults, Families, and Professionals

People are sitting in an auditorious attending a Conference about Autism

Learn and develop skills with AANE!

The first-hand experience from Autistic adults are at the heart of all of AANE’s conferences, webinars, and training. Autistic adults, families, and professionals can come together in these settings to gain knowledge and learn how to work for greater acceptance and inclusion.

Conferences, Webinars & Workshops

AANE holds two major conferences each year: the Jody Acford Conference on Navigating Public Support for Autistic Adults held in the spring, and the Daniel W. Rosenn Connection Conference held each fall with varying topics for the entire community. We also hold monthly webinars on timely topics and workshops to improve skills for the adult and teen community.

Training for Organizations

Are you wondering how to better support Autistic students, clients, employees, customers, or patients? AANE offers customized in-person and virtual training and consultation to meet the specific needs of your school, organization, mental health practice, medical group, or business.

Autism Professional Coaches Organization

AANE is pleased to offer membership to the Autism Professional Coaching Association (APCA) – a professional development resource and support for professionals who coach, guide, and advise Autistic and similar Neurodivergent older teens and adults.

Courses for Professionals

AANE's offers online courses for coaches and therapists to learn to effectively work with neurodiverse couples and partners as well as a four day in-person intensive course for professionals to gain knowledge in coaching Autistic older teens and adults. Successful completion of the neurodiverse couples/partners coach training and older teen/adult coach courses result in AANE certification.

Courses for Couples / Partners

101 FOR COUPLES: Fundamentals of Recognizing and Understanding Neurodiversity is a self-paced online course including video interviews with neurodiverse couples and partners as well as lectures by experts in the field of neurodiverse couples therapy.

Free Programs / AANE Grants & Scholarships

Free Programs /Grants

AANE offers a variety of free programs for families and adults as well as two annual grants as an additional means to help make services and programs accessible to all.

AANE is fortunate to partner with generous foundations, businesses, and nonprofits who sponsor our grants and programs.

Free Call

You can reach out to AANE staff for free! We are available to answer your questions & concerns via phone or online by email. Just schedule time for a call or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

Free Programs

From a free introductory call or online contact with AANE staff to online discussion forums and Zoom community connection sessions, AANE invites you into our welcoming and supportive community.

Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism Grant

The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism provides financial assistance for a limited number of families who need a little help paying for services.

The Daniel Braun Scholarship

This scholarship fund provides financial assistance for a limited number of teens and adults age 14+ who need help paying for recreational activities or services.

Research Studies

Research Studies Looking for Participants

AANE maintains this listing of current research studies for the community’s information and possible participation.

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