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Training for Organizations

Are you wondering how to better support Autistic students, clients, employees, customers, or patients?

AANE offers customized in-person and virtual training and consultation to meet the specific needs of your school, organization, mental health practice, medical group, or business.

AANE can host a single training event or facilitate a series of training events for more in-depth learning. Many professionals will start with one or more training sessions and then schedule follow-up consultations for additional support in implementing learned strategies.

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“Your presentation and handout were exceptional…well crafted, inclusive, and thoughtful. You handled questions and comments beautifully! I look forward to continuing to learn from you at future AANE events. Again, many thanks for your very fine presentation!”

– HR Manager

A wide array of topics are available and can be tailored to suit your specific needs. AANE believes that training events are enriched by the inclusion of lived expertise from members of our Speakers Bureau. If you are looking for a topic that is not listed below, please let us know. We can customize any training event to meet your specific goals and can offer continuing education units (CEU’s) or professional development points (PDP) for qualified trainings.

Training and Consultation Topics:

  • Understanding an Autism Profile
  • Autism and Employment
  • Autism and Mental Health
  • Creating Inclusive Healthcare Settings
  • Gender Diversity and Neurodiversity
  • Neurodiverse Relationships
  • Neurodiversity at Work: Hiring Initiatives & Inclusive Workplace Considerations
  • Neurodiversity on Campus: Supporting College Students on the Spectrum
  • Sexuality and Autism
  • Women and Autism
  • Young Adulthood on the Spectrum

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