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AANE maintains this listing of current research for the community’s information and possible participation.

Please note: These research studies are external and are not run by nor affiliated with AANE.

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Guidelines for Research Study Submission

  • Studies conducted in the United States should be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • Studies conducted outside of the United States should be reviewed and approved by a comparable independent organization.
  • Studies will be posted on this page within 5 to 7 business days after the form is submitted if the study is consistent with AANE’s mission and values.
  • Research studies will be removed from this page approximately one year after being posted unless a different timeframe is specified.

Researchers are invited to submit or make updates to a previously submitted study by using the button below.

  • Providers Working With Autistic Transgender Individuals

    My name is Nic Rios and I am a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. I am conducting an interview-based research study examining the experiences and perspectives of medical and mental health providers who work with autistic transgender clients. In particular, I am interested in how […]

  • Ever wondered whether your autistic child thinks differently when speaking in another language?

    Your participation in this study consists of two parts. One part is for you, parent/guardian of a young autistic person aged between 10-16 years. The other part is to be completed by the adolescent, as independently as possible. To be able to complete the study, the adolescent must be verbal and do not have an […]

  • Perceiving Social Interactions: An MRI Study Investigating Differences in Neurodiverse Groups

    Researchers in Baltimore, MD at Johns Hopkins University and Kennedy Krieger Institute are interested in investigating the underlying neural mechanisms associated with perceiving social interactions. We are recruiting adults (ages 18-35 years) with and without autism. Participation in this study includes a 90–120-minute MRI scan, a 10-minute recall task, a 30-minute IQ assessment, and six […]

  • Social Participation and Navigation (SPAN)

    Abstract: Research for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is heavily weighted toward children, despite a high incidence of negative outcomes for young adults and adults with ASD across various occupations, including but not limited to vocation, education, and social activities (Howlin, 2021; Herring, 2022; Howlin & Magiati, 2017; Perryman et al., 2020; Schall et […]

  • Autism Talent Inclusion

    Gartner is leading a research study to directly ask the autistic community worldwide what change is needed for autistic people to feel welcomed, accepted, safe, appreciated, and ultimately thrive in the workplace. We will use the results of this study to create research that will empower CIOs and executive leaders with insights on the most […]

  • Focus Group Study on Early Intervention at Ohio State

    Researchers at The Ohio State University want to learn more about your perspectives on or experiences with participating in early intervention or therapy services for autistic children. We will be holding online focus groups to find out more about this topic. During these focus groups, we will ask questions about how you might make decisions […]

  • Caregiver Study

    The Caregiver Study is focused on the unique experiences working mother of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) face on a daily basis. Our goal is to understand some of the work-family conflicts that challenge these workers and how we can guide initiatives to improve their quality-of-life in both domains. The study will require […]

  • The Double Rainbow Perspective, A Qualitative Narrative of the Intersectional Experiences of Autistic Women and Femme Individuals who are a part of the LGBTQ+ Communities.

    My name is Emily Coombs, and I am currently completing my Master’s in Counseling Psychology at the University of Calgary. I’m part of an LGBTQ+ & Autism affirmative research Lab — the Double Rainbow Lab. I am recruiting for my thesis study: The Double Rainbow Perspective, A Qualitative Narrative of the Intersectional Experiences of Autistic […]

  • Picture books for helping autistic children learn language

    We are looking for children aged 2-5 (both autistic and neurotypical) to participate in a remote study about language learning in autism. Families who participate in the study can earn up to $163. We will send families videos of picture books being read aloud, and will ask families to watch the videos with their children. […]

  • Bilingualism in Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Eye-Tracking Study

    WHAT An eye-tracking study to learn more about how bilingual adults with autism process language in real time. Participants will complete questionnaires, language proficiency tasks, and computer-based tasks — responding with button presses on the keyboard while their eye movements are tracked. The study will take one hour over one session. WHO Spanish-English bilingual adults […]

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