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AANE maintains this listing of current research for the community’s information and possible participation.

Please note: These research studies are external and are not run by nor affiliated with AANE.

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Guidelines for Research Study Submission

  • Studies conducted in the United States should be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • Studies conducted outside of the United States should be reviewed and approved by a comparable independent organization.
  • Studies will be posted on this page within 5 to 7 business days after the form is submitted if the study is consistent with AANE’s mission and values.
  • Research studies will be removed from this page approximately one year after being posted unless a different timeframe is specified.

Researchers are invited to submit or make updates to a previously submitted study by using the button below.

  • Neurodiverse Cities

    Hi, my name is Amirreza Madani. As an urban planning student, I am currently working on my dissertation on neurodiversity and urban space. In order to complete my dissertation, I must speak to those who are neurodiverse, especially those with autism, since the results of this research are valuable when they are informed by those […]

  • Developing a Digital Training Package to Teach Play Skills to Caregivers of Children with Autism

    Researchers at the Oregon Research Institute (ORI) are testing a new online tool to help caregivers play with their children with autism. This web application involves brief videos, interactive activities, and video chatting with a coach. Receive up to $240 in gift cards as a thank you for participating! Inclusion Criteria: Caregivers: -At least 18 […]

  • Language and Memory!

    We have two different 10 minute long studies running, looking at different parts of language! Our studies are primarily looking at memory and overall learning of new languages. These studies do require the use of a computer (not a tablet or iPhone). They do not require any social interaction. We are seeking anyone 18+ who […]

  • Validation of a novel measurement battery of relationship and safety skills for adults with and without autism spectrum disorder

    Researchers at Tufts University are seeking autistic adults aged 18-35 years, who are fluent English speakers, to help develop a toolkit for measuring social skills used for dating and sex. The goal of this research study is to work together with autistic adults to develop better ways to measure the specific skills needed for sexual […]

  • Establishing expert opinion to reach a consensus on how to best define and investigate developmental regression in children: A Delphi study

    This study aims to establish a consensus among parents, caregivers, and clinicians on how to best define, assess, and investigate developmental regression. Developmental regression describes the loss of already acquired skills; it is otherwise known as loss of skills. It can be seen in a small number of conditions (for example, autism, Rett syndrome, Landau-Kleffner […]

  • Informing National Autism Transition Research Agenda

    The purpose of this study is to listen to people’s experiences with the transition to adulthood and to gather ideas about priorities for research about the transition to adulthood for autistic youth. Who is this study for? Autistic Young adults who -Are 18-29 years old and out of high school -Can answer questions and communicate […]

  • Is Monotropism a relevant theory in explaining the daily schedules of autistic individuals?

    I am conducting an in person study at Nazareth University (Rochester, NY) that will be open to autistic adults. Previous studies on task switching in autistic children have found “enhanced impairment noted in participants with ASD when they were required to switch between tasks involving different modalities” (Reed & McCarthy, 2012, p. 952). This aligns […]

  • Online Study about Social Difficulties

    Do you have difficulty in social situations? Do you sometimes misunderstand what people mean, or have trouble knowing what to say in conversation? You are invited to participate in a research study about how people describe situations. More specifically, this study investigates how different personality traits relate to the way that people talk about and […]

  • Help Us Evaluate WorkChat: A Virtual Workday…An App Designed with the A/A Communities; Earn Up To $215

    The University of Michigan’s Level Up: Employment Skills Simulation Lab is currently seeking participants for an online study aimed at evaluating the impact of WorkChat: A Virtual Workday on improving workplace conversations. The study has been reviewed and approved by the University of Michigan Institutional Review Board. Since 2012, Dr. Matthew Smith, the Director of […]

  • Implementing User-Centered Design to Adapt a Healthcare App for Autistic Adults

    We are recruiting autistic adults ages 18-65 to share about their experiences in accessing healthcare services. This study includes three 60-minute interviews conducted over Zoom. Participants will be asked to share about their experiences accessing health services, provide feedback on an app that would be adapted to support accessing health services, and provide feedback on […]

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