The Autism Spectrum Program of Excellence

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Research Study Description

Join the Autism Spectrum Program of Excellence (ASPE) at The University of Pennsylvania in better understanding the biological processes of autism to inform support programs, increase acceptance and advocacy, and improve the quality of life for autistic individuals. 

ASPE is actively recruiting:

-Individuals with an autism diagnosis or suspected autism diagnosis
-Individuals with a Chromosome 2p16.3 deletion / NRXN1 gene deletion and their family members
-People who are not on the autism spectrum (no diagnosis and no suspected diagnosis). 

Participation includes: 

-Completing a series of online questionnaires 
-Returning a free saliva kit for DNA analysis 
-Option to wear a research-grade (Fitbit-like) device to track activity and sleep 
-All completed in the comfort of your own home! 

The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania established ASPE, the Autism Spectrum Program of Excellence, in 2017 to improve the quality of life for autistic individuals and their families through research. Through the ASPE Study, we hope to significantly inform the biological understanding autism, to energize the research and clinical community across the globe, and to develop improved services and quality of life for autistic individuals. 

Visit and follow us @pennASPE (Instagram and Twitter [X]) to learn how you can join the ASPE Study’s growing community today!

Name of Organization:
The University of Pennslyvania

For questions, please email::
[email protected]

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