Predictors Of Stress For Parental Caregivers Of Adults (Ages 18-26) With Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Needs, Coping, and Life Changes

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Research Study Description

I am seeking parental caregivers of emerging adults (ages 18-26) with autism or intellectual disabilities to respond to a confidential online survey in English. The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and will provide important research information. The responses will be used for two research studies (one for a dissertation and a second to support policy initiatives).

The studies will evaluate predictors of parental stress and how these stressors help or impede the parental ability to support the financial success of the emerging adult. The participants will be asked questions about their demographics, unmet needs, coping, life changes, and perceived stress. The participants will also provide information about the financial and employment status of the emerging adult. The Institutional Review Board approves this research study at Florida International University (FIU) (IRB # IRB-22-0387).

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