Metaphor Comprehension in Autistic and Neurotypical Women

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For a study in the field of autism and language, I (22, autistic) invite all autistic women to participate.

Autistic women have always been highly overlooked when it comes to autistic research. For a long time, autistic women were not even considered to exist. This research gap still exists when it comes to the core field “language development” in autistic individuals.

This study will investigate how metaphors are comprehended by autistic women and compare that to neurotypical women. The goal is to better understand how autistic women interact with figurative language. Participants will be asked to interpret metaphors in various types of exercises. The study will be conducted remotely/online. Participants should be 16+ in age and native English speakers.

This study will be conducted for my university BA final thesis in English Language Studies at Rostock University, Germany.

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