Looking for: Children ages 8-12 with a diagnosis of autism, ADHD, autism and ADHD, or without a diagnosis of either, plus one parent/caregiver.

What you would do: Attend a one-time study visit at the lab for about 60-90 minutes. During this visit, the child will view a series of images and videos on a computer while their eye movements are tracked using an eye tracking camera. They will also wear an “Empactica” bracelet on their wrist to track heart rate. They may also complete a brief IQ screener. The parent/caregiver will bring a copy of a recent assessment for the research team and complete some questionnaires. Families will be paid $20 for their time.

The purpose of the study: We are exploring how eye movements can provide important information to distinguish between autism and ADHD, which can be challenging clinically.

Organization:  Crehan Lab, Tufts University

Contact:  [email protected]

Study Link:  https://sites.tufts.edu/crehanlab/