Influence of Culture on Childrearing for Hispanic Fathers of Children with Autism

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Research Study Description

The purpose of this qualitative research study is to explore the impact of culture on the child rearing
practice of Hispanic fathers with a child with Autism. As a participant in this study, your
collaboration will contribute to the literature of Hispanic fathers of children with autism by exploring
their experiences of stress and coping. These findings will increase role awareness of Hispanic
fathers and inform Occupational Therapists of considerations that must be taken to provide holistic
services. Your participation will involve an interview that will be conducted either in person or through a one-on-one video conference (Zoom). The interview should take an approximate time of 45-60 minutes to complete. Your participation in this research study is completely voluntary. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable answering any questions or completing parts of the study feel free to skip any
questions or withdraw from the study at any time without question or comments. This study involves an audio recording of your interview with the researcher. Neither your name
nor any other identifying information will be associated with the audio recording or transcript.
These recorded interviews will be confidential and have identifiers like participant 1, participant
2, etc. to protect your privacy. Only members of the research team will have access and be able
to listen to the recordings. The researcher will transcribe the audio recordings. The transcript of
your interview may be reproduced for use in presentations and publications that result from this
study. Neither your name or any other identifying information will be used in presentations or
publications resulting from the study. You must be a Hispanic father (biological or adoptive) living in the United States and have a father experience of at least 2 years after your child’s Autism diagnosis to participate in this research study.

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