Exploring the Experiences and Decisions of Adults with a Neurodiverse Sibling

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Research Opportunity for Adults with Siblings Diagnosed with Autism OR Down Syndrome

Adults with siblings diagnosed with autism or Down syndrome are invited to participate in a study exploring how having a neurodiverse sibling impacts adults’ overall wellbeing, relationships, and decision making. Participation requires registering for Prolific, an online research platform, using the link below. After registering, participants will be invited to complete a brief online survey to determine eligibility to participate in our larger study. If determined to be eligible, participants will then be invited to take a 30-minute online survey. Participants must be between the ages of 18 – 99 years old, reside in the United States, speak/read English fluently, and have access to a computer or other device with internet. Eligible participants who complete the study will receive $20.00.

If interested, please register for Prolific to be invited to the study using this link: https://app.prolific.com/register/participant/waitlist/?campaign_code=C665E879801D0D2EE3D473F68

If you have questions, please e-mail Dr. Theodore Tomeny at [email protected] or Rachel Harmon, M.A., at [email protected].

Name of Organization:
The University of Alabama

For questions, please email:
[email protected]

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