Ever wondered whether your autistic child thinks differently when speaking in another language?

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Research Study Description

Your participation in this study consists of two parts. One part is for you, parent/guardian of a young autistic person aged between 10-16 years. The other part is to be completed by the adolescent, as independently as possible. To be able to complete the study, the adolescent must be verbal and do not have an intellectual disability*.

To obtain the necessary information to answer our research question, you will be asked to answer several questions on your living context, the adolescent’s behaviour and thoughts, and their language abilities. The adolescent will be asked to complete several tasks, watch a video, and answer questions. The completion of the survey should take about 40 minutes in total. Breaks are possible, however, only in specific moments that will be clearly indicated.

The questionnaire is offered in several languages. The parent’s part is offered in either English, German, or French. The adolescent’s part is offered in English, German, French, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. Please note that the adolescent must speak at least 2 of those languages, one at mother tongue level and the other on at least a medium level!

Your anonymity is guaranteed by study design and your information is collected for scientific research purposes only. Your data is secured according to the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation. Researchers involved in this project are obligated to their professional secrecy and will treat your information with utmost caution. At some point, the adolescent will be asked to talk for a few minutes. For that reason, their voice will be recorded. Please make sure that when the adolescent is prompted to record their voice that the microphone is turned on and that you or the child allows the browser to access the microphone. However, please note that we do not use the voice recording in any way to identify them.

There are no foreseeable risks related to your participation, but if you should feel uncomfortable or have questions, you can contact us by mail autisme@uni.lu or phone +352 46 66 44 9733 / +352 46 66 44 9693.

At the end of the survey, you will receive a code. If you would like to receive a 20€ voucher for your and the adolescent’s participation please send an email with the code to autisme@uni.lu and we will send you your voucher.

Email : tina.buechler.001@student.uni.lu