Autistic Women’s Experiences of Menopausal Transition

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Research Study Description

A Boston University-based research team is seeking volunteers to participate in 45-minute, confidential, Zoom-based or phone interviews to help us understand autistic individuals’ experiences with perimenopause. We will ask: how has your experience with healthcare providers been since starting the menopausal transition? What can healthcare providers do to better support autistic women entering perimenopause? What worked well for you to address menopause symptoms? All perspectives and all thoughts are welcome. Our team plans to gather as much input as possible and then analyze it for a peer-reviewed publication.

Inclusion criteria:
(1) Age 35-65 years old;
(2) Professionally or self-diagnosed autistic;
(3) Experience with perimenopause or menopause;
(4) Live in the U.S.;
(5) Speak English;
(6) Can use Zoom.

Eligible interview participants will receive a $25 gift card to

If interested, please email [email protected] or you can use this link to complete our eligibility survey:

Name of Organization:
Boston University

For questions, please email::
[email protected]

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