AANE October 2023 Newsletter:Highlighting Black Autistic Experiences

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AANE October 2023 Newsletter:
Highlighting Black Autistic Experiences

Autistic individuals with intersectional identities often face compounded challenges and risks in society. Understanding these experiences is critical to creating inclusive environments. This month, we are highlighting stories from Black members of the autism community.

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Check out our Annual Report to see the impact AANE made in 2023, plus the listening and learning that went into our new name and new website.

AANE Events

See what’s happening this month and beyond on the AANE Events Page.

Becoming an Ally to the Black Autistic Community

Dismantling systemic racism and moving towards greater equity is important work that belongs to everyone. Executive Director Brenda Dater discusses what she has learned from the Black Autistic community about being an effective ally and promoting change.
Watch Brenda’s Message
Read Brenda’s Message in English 
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ANNE’s Fall 2023 Virtual Daniel W. Rosenn Connections Conference: October 27, 2023
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Join us for a vibrant, virtual gathering of Autistic individuals, their families, professionals, and allies to celebrate the richness of Autistic culture. This year’s conference will deep dive into the world of autism from a cultural perspective while fostering understanding, acceptance, and appreciation for the unique experiences of Autistic individuals.  

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Autistic Adults
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Looking Both Ways: Standing at the Intersection of Race & Disability

Reflecting on his research and his own experience, a Black Autistic self-advocate draws connections between the civil and disability rights movements.

Coming Up…

Click here for the current listing of events, support groups, and social activities for Autistic adults, including the two-part workshop, Leisure for Adults, six separate workshops focusing on aspects of employment, and much more.
Here are some helpful links for adults in our community:
Parents & Families of Autistic Individuals
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Autism & Parenting While Black

Members of the Black community consistently face numerous barriers in healthcare. One mother shares the powerful story of how her three Autistic children were diagnosed.

Coming Up…

Learn more about upcoming events, workshops, and support groups for parents and families, including the workshop, Intro to Autism for Caregivers of Autistic Children/Teens, the webinar, Interoception for Managing Holiday Stress, and much more.
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Professionals Working with the Autism Community
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Who We Are and How We Show Up in Our Work With Neurodivergent Individuals

Read what clinicians should consider when working with Autistic clients and patients who also have intersectional identities.
Learn more about AANE programs, support, and training for professionals.
AANE Programs


Individualized life coaching program for Autistic older teens & adults
Oct 2023 LifeMAP.jpg
AANE’s LifeMAP coaches offers practical assistance by focusing on skill development and setting measurable goals. Learn more about LifeMAP.


Team-based support to help Massachusetts Autistic adults optimize independence
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The LifeNet program empowers Autistic adults to pursue the lives they want by building connections with a broad support team. Learn more about LifeNet.

Neurodiverse Couples Institute

Resources for couples and couples therapists/coaches
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AANE’s self-paced, online course 101 for Couples can help partners in neurodiverse relationships understand themselves and their partner better. Learn more about AANE’s course for partners.
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