AANE December 2023 Newsletter: Autism & Masking

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AANE December 2023 Newsletter: Autism & Masking

Many Autistic individuals consciously or subconsciously hide their Autistic traits or mimick neurotypical behavior, which is often called masking. This month, we take a look at why masking occurs, the long term impact, and how to create environments where Autistic individuals feel they can be themselves.

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The Impact of Masking

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Autistic individuals are often given messages throughout their lives that make them feel they need to hide their Autistic traits. Executive Director Brenda Dater looks at some of the root causes and effects of masking for her own Autistic daughter.
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The Cost and Privilege of Autistic Authenticity

Many Autistic individuals mask their autism in different ways for a variety of reasons, but others cannot. Read a thoughtful reflection on the consequences of both masking and not being able to mask.

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Navigating Autism & Masking: Celebrating Individuality as a Parent

Read one parent’s journey of reconciling her expectations with her deep desire for her son to feel he could be his authentic self. 

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Learn more about upcoming events, workshops, and support groups for parents and families, including the FREE online LifeMAP Information Session, the workshop, Intro to Autism for Caregivers of Autistic Children/Teens, and much more.
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Understanding Autistic Masking in the Workplace

When employees feel they have to mask their Autistic traits at work, it is detrimental to their job preformance and their wellbeing. Learn how employers can promote an environment that can help everyone be themselves.
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LifeMAP’s one-to-one coaching program can help Autistic adults and teens develop self-advocacy skills, move towards greater independence, or reach other life goals they choose. Learn more.


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The LifeNet program uses a strengths-based, adult-centered philosophy to empower Autistic adults in Massachusetts to pursue the lives they want, serving as both a support network and a safety net. Learn more about LifeNet.

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